Shaping Our Future

Dr. Rose Adams, Contributor 

Dr. Rose authors the Shaping Our Future column, published in Exceptional Needs Today. Exceptional Needs Today is an online magazine dedicated to promoting awareness, acceptance, and inclusiveness for all people.

Issue 15 Exceptional Needs Today

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  • Issue 15: Strengthening caregivers through empowerment, engagement, and community. (Adams & Muppidi, 2024)
  • Issue 14: Daddy's Stitches: Supporting children when caregivers need medical attention.
  • Issue 13: It's about TIME: Discovering what matters to children through their lens. 
  • Issue 12: Parents as Partners: Promoting collaboration between home and school. 
  • Issue 11: Behind the Shield: Helping children manage emotions during stressful life events.
  • Issue 9: Giving Kids a Voice: Promoting early self-advocacy among children with disabilities.
  • Issue 7: Every Child has a Song: Supporting communication through music.



Dr. Rose Adams joined Dr. Karen Jacobs at Boston University's Sargent College Health Matters podcast to talk about what it means to Give Kids a Voice.


Twin-sitions: Supporting the back-to-school transition for twins and other multiples! By Dr. Rose Adams

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