Changing Lives Occupational Therapy, P.C.
Changing Lives Occupational Therapy, P.C.

Welcome to Changing Lives OT!

Where differences are made and lives are changed. Changing Lives OT provides quality therapeutic support services for children starting at age 3, young adults, and their families. 

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April is Occupational Therapy Month! In Honor of OT Month, Changing Lives OT is offering our Ask the OT Series. A free service to families who have any questions about occupational therapy or how occupational therapy can help! 


Ask Your OT Today! 


Everything your child needs to feel supported and be successful with academics and daily living skills; our therapists are dedicated and ready to help them get there! Contact us for more information.


Supporting Young Adults with Autism & related disorders live on their own. Contact us for a consultation or evaluation. 

Professional Services

Offering distance mentorship opportunities for college students and Live higher education lectures & webinars. Inquire here.

Upcoming Workshops & Groups:


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